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Licence types

All Splash licences are permanent.  There are no recurring fees or extra charges and you can continue using the software forever.  Licences include all bug fixes and updates within the same major version (eg 2.xx.x or 3.xx.x)

We have 4 normal licence types:

Home - is a discounted version for purchase by individuals and can be used on 1 machine.

Single - our "single" licence includes use on one school computer AND one home computer (eg the student's laptop).

Five - As single, but 5*

Site - Permits use on any number of machines on one physical site.  This does not include use on students' home computers.  (But we can quote for this...)


However, if none of these are suitable - Splash is bought by a wide range of institutions and support services, so no one system will work for everyone - or you need to buy a larger number of individual licences, please contact us and let us know what you need, and we can send you a quote for exactly what you want.  In particular how many copies you need to install, but also briefly the situation (is it for a dozen different students;  or one student with a mass of different people supporting them in various ways?)