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Buy Splash!

1: Select version
Splash is available for 2 different age ranges, or both combined. Or select the upgrade option if you are upgrading an existing, older licence.
2: Select licence:
For details of the licences or if you need something different see About Licences. All licences are a one-off payment and the software can then be used permanently; there are no ongoing charges.
3: Choose:
If you need a formal quote to get funding approved, use the third option below, and you can have a quote/pro-forma for any of the standard options emailed to you. If you need this for a custom licence, or in a different currency, please use the contact page to let us know what you need.
Buy online with card
Organisation: place order to be invoiced later
Generate quote/pro-forma invoice
You can purchase online using a debit/credit card by clicking below.
The payment is processed by PayPal. If paying in GBP it is not necessary to have/create a PayPal account; click on the "Pay with a debit/credit card" link on the next page to make a payment without using a PayPal account.
Once we receive payment we will send the your licence code to the email address on the paypal account the same or next working day.
For schools, councils or companies, you can order from us and we will invoice it after delivery. If ordering please be sure to state which version of the software you are ordering (Primary / Secondary / All Ages). Please also include an email address for delivery of the licence code(s). We will send the code(s) the same or next working day that we receive a valid order.

You can send official orders to us via email to sales@splash-city.com,
or by post to Splash! City, Orchard End, Bentley Road, Slough, SL1 5BB